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Yoga: 3 ways it can change your life

21 May

I’ve been practicing yoga for about a year now, ever since I took a yoga class for school credit a few semesters ago. I can’t mention enough how awesome it is. I used to think I hated yoga. It seemed boring, slow, pointless. Did it really enrich my life so much by breathing a lot and moving slowly? I have dealt with anxiety issues, and it was hard for me to sit still long enough to even try and reap the benefits of a yoga session. That’s when I discovered power yoga, which is basically a constant flow workout that can really get your heart rate up, get a good sweat going, and also leave you feeling more relaxed and stretched out. Perfect. Here I wanted to highlight the main reasons I think yoga is amazing: 1. Doing yoga helps me love my body. I’m sure many can relate when I say this isn’t always easy. Yoga can be a very intimate experience with all the twisting, turning, and bending. It helps one feel strong, lean, and beautiful. 2. I recognize my limits. If I’m not feeling particularly energized that day, I take it easy, and if I want to get a good sweat on I can do more of the challenging yoga flows. Yoga is about being kind to yourself. 3. I’m reminded to BREATHE. I have this horrible habit of holding my breath or taking very shallow breaths when I’m stressed, busy, or even bored. Yoga constantly reminds you to take deep breaths even at the hardest times. So, now, my advice to you… Try it! I suggest hitting up YogaDownload.com if you’re new to yoga or need some help getting started, or even if you’re an advanced yogi looking for new routines. This website has tons of classes with different types, experience levels, and class lengths (I usually download the beginner/intermediate power yoga classes). You can download a 20 minute class for free, or pay a small price to download longer classes to keep. You could also look for yoga classes in your area. Or… You don’t even need a class! Now that I’m familiar with most of the poses, I like to make up my own routines as I go. That’s the beauty of this — you go with what’s best for you! Here is a link to sun salutation poses that can give you a great workout. Namaste!